Meet WICR's Promotion Director Clarissa Cairns

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

(Former Promotions Director, now WICR Digital Media Manager)

"Radio is a great way to serve the community and make someone's day...."

What is your role & job title at WICR?

My role at WICR is Promotions Director. With this position I help with planning promotional events for the station. I make sure the events are staffed by two members, arrange prizes to be given away, and many other things to effectively promote WICR.

What does a typical day as “________ Director/Manager” look like for you?

On a day to day basis I try to keep busy by answering emails, look for new places to promote the station, find new creative items to use at events, and make sure everything is falling into place for the upcoming event. I worry about everything, constantly so you can only imagine the annoying perfectionist attitude I have about how these things go.

What’s the best part about your job?

The best part of my job is being able to interact with listeners! I love being at the events, meeting new people and hearing what they have to say about the station. Actually seeing the listeners makes the job so much more meaningful.

What is the most challenging part about your job?

The most challenging part is typically trying to get the events staffed on time, but that has not been a major problem!

What is your favorite thing about working in radio in general?

Radio is a great way to serve the community and make someone’s day. What you say on the air has the potential to educate a listener, make them laugh, smile and all in all brighten their day. I love having the ability to do this and knowing that what I say on air means something and people want to hear what I have to say. Or at least I like to think so.

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