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Meet Our Sportscasters
Microphone Close-Up
Microphone Close-Up

Eddie Garrison


Ever since I was a kid I have always had a love for sports, and it has not changed to this day. I figured since I was not talented enough but knew enough about multiple sports that I could become a sportscaster. It has been everything that I have expected and more. I hope I can fulfill my dreams since high school of becoming the voice of a college or professional sports team. 

WICR Sports 

Welcome to WICR Sports! WICR Sports is your source for all information concerning Greyhound Athletics and sporting events around the state of Indiana. 

WICR Sports is proud to provide coverage of Greyhound Athletics for sports including football, baseball, softball, as well as both Men's and Women's basketball and lacrosse. Alongside our coverage of Greyhound athletics, WICR Sports is committed to bringing you a first-hand look at teams such as the Indianapolis Colts and Indiana Pacers. 

Explore below to discover more about WICR Sports including the events we cover, the information we provide, and how you can stay up to date with us! Thank you for your support of WICR Sports!

For specific information regarding Greyhound Athletics including team schedules and rosters, be sure to visit the UIndy Athletics website:

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