Meet WICR's Director of Programming, Henri Pensis

"The best part of the job is working with students, watching them grow and then get their first jobs in broadcasting."

What is your role & job title at WICR? ​I am the Director of Programming for WICR and I work closely with our students and independent producers to train and both.  My primary work on a day to day basis is training and helping our WICR and Uindy radio students.  I train and work with our part-time traffic and morning host people.  

What does a typical day as “________ Director/Manager” look like for you? A typical school year day would have me attending the 109 and 110 applied radio classes, training students in the use of our equipment, evaluate airchecks and program proposals, work with the management team-especially the production manager and music director/hd3 program director.  I also download and prepare for broadcast shows from our syndicated producers such as Classical Guitar Alive, the Score, Latin Perspective and Folk Alley and I work with Audiovault scheduler to balance out our program hours and set up templates for sports and new shows.

What’s the best part about your job? My best part of the job is working with students, watching them grow and then get their first jobs in broadcasting.

What is the most challenging part about your job? That is also the most challenging part of the job since I have now been able to see the progress our students have made in the three years I have been here as each student starts as a beginner in the 109 class.

What is your favorite thing about working in radio in general? I enjoy working with the students and pretty much everything about radio.

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