Meet WICR's Operations Manager, Chloe Tyson

"I think it’s awesome to see how passionate the listeners are about Jazz. It just makes me love what I do even more."

What is your role & job title at WICR? I am the current Operations Manager at WICR. Part of my job is that I am in charge of the daily operations of the radio station. I work with the student management staff as well and try to help them out any way I can, hopefully helping them meet some of their goals in the process. I also make sure that the station is following all of the different laws, rules, and regulations among other things.

What does a typical day as Operations Manager look like for you? A typical day for me would be checking my emails about three times in the day to make sure I don’t have any missed messages from my team. I run our weekly student management meetings where the management members go around and talk about what they have done that week and voice concerns or brainstorm with the rest of the group. I also have to keep track of the on-air schedule for that day and make sure that people are doing their shifts or have gotten them covered.

What's the best part about your job? The best part of my job has to be working alongside everyone at the station. I love getting to see everyone grow and improve with their on-air work. It’s great getting to see people get better and achieve different goals that they have set for themselves.

What is the most challenging part about your job? ​The most challenging thing about my job would probably be trying to maintain communication with the whole staff. It’s really important that the WICR staff knows what’s going on and when people need their shifts covering.

What is your favorite thing about working in radio? My favorite thing about working in radio is being on the air and interacting with listeners. It’s really cool to actually hear back from the people listening to the station, I think it’s awesome to see how passionate the listeners are about Jazz. It just makes me love what I do even more because I can see how happy these people are listening to the station throughout their day.

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