Operations Manager
Promotions Director

Aaron Duvall

Thomas Gismondi

Kielynn Tally

Programming AD
Sports Director

Isaia Jacob

Hershell Taylor

Ryan Soel

Taylor Woods

Cameron Blankenship

The Staff

WICR's Student Management staff is compiled of talented and dedicated students enrolled at the University of Indianapolis.

To get in contact, call the WICR Student Management Office at: (317) 788-3597

Production Director
Digital Media Manager
Click here to access the WICR Public File.
Contact Scott Uecker for questions regarding
​the WICR Public File.

Contact Us:
Office: (317) 788-3280
Fax: (317) 788-3490
Studio: (317) 788-3314 | (866) 600-9914
UIndy Radio Studio: (317) 788-6120

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