The Misfits Morning Show puts the fun back in Friday's
This little bright spot of the WICR HD3 line up is a must have for any Friday morning. 7:00 - 9:00 AM? As if. But, with the Misfits? Okay, I’ll have a pancake and get this guy on the road. The "guy" being life. Every week, strap in for a roller coaster ride of great music, great content, and plenty of laughs. Quite honestly, it is the ONLY way to start your weekend.
Aaron DuVall is the driving force of the Misfits as he hosts and navigates the crew through the morning. “The Most Trusted Voice in News” isn’t just a fancy title, Shayla Cabalan brings the hard-hitting stories you need, nay, you deserve. Izzy Jackson and Peter Karozos bring an energy that not anyone can bring nor possess. The Misfits Morning Show puts the fun back in Friday’s
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